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Shunjid Rahman Showrov
Shunjid Rahman Showrov

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ML.NET in Google Colab

Today, I was thinking to build and test a classification model using ML.NET. I'm very very curious about new technologies and from my curiosity I asked myself,

"What if I try doing all these things in Colab? Is it even possible?"

From the official documentation of ML.NET I found that there is an option to do all these things from command line using ML.NET CLI.

And guess what? This was as simple as drinking a glass of water 😂. All you need to do is to:

  • Install .NET Core SDK in Google Colab.
  • Install ML.NET.
  • Import dataset.
  • Use ML.NET CLI to train the model.
  • Test.

I've added a gist below. You can try directly in colab from the "Open in Colab" badge.

Let's Give it a try 🎉

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Nice Find! I'll definitely look on to it!