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NPM packages for custom hooks that you wouldn't wanna miss out on

Saloni : Hello, Shubh. Hooks have always been handy for me in react. They've made my job a lot easier. I wish React had more hooks than just useState, useEffect

Shubh : You can create your own custom hooks in react and there are some awesome custom hooks on NPM as well.

Let me tell you more about such hooks 🧵

The first one is use-clippy

useClippy is a TypeScript-friendly React hook for reading from and writing to the user's clipboard.

Second in this list is useScript

It loads a third party script and returns a value when it's loaded or fails to load.

Third is react-use-idb (useIdb)

It is a react side-effect hook that manages a single indexDB item.

It's a drop-in replacement over useLocalStorage.

The fourth is my personal favourite and it is use-dark-mode

It's a custom React Hook which helps you implement a "dark mode" component for your application. The user setting persists to localStorage.

The last one is useDocumentTitle

React Hook (using useEffect()) to set your document title.

You can look for more custom react hooks on this website

I hope I was able to help you out Saloni.

Saloni : Yes!! Thank you so much for telling me about it. I'm going to give you a like and a follow too!!

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