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Learn as a beginner coder!!

As a fresher, whatever I have experienced, I am going to share some points which might be helpful to save time as a developer.

  1. Stick with one programming languages In the initial stage students or Beginners are switching between multiple languages is not a good idea, you have to master one language first.

  2. Learning with doing while watching tutorials or read any concept from the document, the Best way to apply practically with writing code is, Make your hands dirty as much as you can, then only your actual learning is! eg, creating a small app.

  3. Never jump directly into competitive programming Before clear basic concept never jump, otherwise you feel discouraged and you give up.

4 Learn to not give up. Never give up very easily, Try twice, thrice good things take time.

  1. Don't try to memorize the solution It does not matter How much you code, if you memorize then you are down and never succeeded in programming.

  2. Ask Question Never hesitate to ask doubt, question event it is silly but Make sure you have to try more than two three time itself, and also learn to frame question what exactly you want to know If you ask a question in a specific way its save lots of time.

7 Pair programming it helps a lot in many ways while sharing your code with a pair partner you have to know about different logic which may better than you, it helps while debugging, sometimes you feel demotivated like not doing code , just connect with your pair partner and start.

  1. Join Community join the developer community on discord,redit,or any other social platform there are lots of good and helpful developers where you can easily ask questions, doubt

  2. Proof of work share your proof of work on GitHub or any social platform and also with friends, this skill is really very helpful, it gives you confidence and you recognize where I am lacking with help of feedback, and this skill makes you get a job easily.

  3. Online meetup and tech blog Attend tech webinar, Read tech news like,, medium, etc, articles so that you are updated about which Tech stack is going on the market, and it is also really helpful day to day life.

  4. Live coding Start doing live coding with some groups of programmer, its boost your confidence and clear your concept in an exponentially way.

  5. Breaking down into a smaller chunk of problems!! This skill helps if you have a complex program or even it is small then you have applied , this is so powerful skill.

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