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Best folder structure for SCSS/SASS

Why I am using SASS/SCSS?

After writing code for lots of websites in vanilla CSS, I understood that I am doing something wrong. I was given a lot of time to debug a very simple problem.

Then after I discovered sass/scss way back in 2019, and for the last 3 years, I am writing styles in scss. Because this solved a lot of my problems. And, debugging code is also much easier in it and it saves my time. I can create re-useable components in it. Which is also a very lifesaver thing for a programmer.

*NOTE: * I hope you all know how to initialize a
sass/scss project, If you want to learn it then please do let me know in the comment.

Folder structure which I personally use.

So basically when I start a project, I create a root directory with the name sass/scss. Inside it, I create 5 folders, and 1 file main.scss.

Screenshot of the folder structure which I use with my project.

I will talk about each folders and file one by one below.

**main.scss** : In main.scss I used to import all the sass/scss files.

@import 'abstracts/variables';
@import 'abstracts/functions';
@import 'abstracts/mixins';

@import 'base/reset';
@import 'base/typography';

@import 'components/card';
@import 'components/button';
@import 'components/form';
@import 'components/carousel';

@import 'layout/grid';
@import 'layout/header';
@import 'layout/navigation';
@import 'layout/sidebar';

@import 'pages/about';
@import 'pages/auth';
@import 'pages/contact';
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abstracts : This folder contains all the sass helpers you can create for your project. We create variables, functions and mixins etc. in it.

base : This folder contains code for reset and typography. _reset.scss is responsible to reset CSS styles. eg. text decoration for a tag and list style for ul or ol.

components : This folder contains some re-useable UI components like we need buttons on almost every page and also in the header and footer. So we create files like buttons, cards, carousels, forms and modals etc.

layout : This folder contains all styles necessary for the layout of the site, eg. header, footer, sidebar.

pages : This folder contains styles for individual pages, like the about page, contact page, auth page etc.

Thanks for reading this article. Feel free to contact me on Twitter, Linkedin, Github.

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You can try @use instead of @import. Here is an explanation

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Shubham Sharma

Yes, we can also use @use.