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Shubham Athawane
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Referral_template for Linkedin


Template which I followed for asking referrals to people on LinkedIn .

"Hi { name of the person }

Hope you are doing well . Recently I came across an opening in { company name } for { role } for { year of graduation } grads .

The job id for the same is { job id } .

It would be great if you could provide me a referral for the same .

Why me?

-> { Mention all your achievements }

-> { If applying for technical roles try to mention about your projects, coding profiles , ranks }

-> { Achievements should be mentioned in bulleted format}

-> {Achievements should be one liner . Please don't try explaining everything in a paragraph manner}

I have attached my resume for the same .

Hope to hear from you soon.


Would love if someone could add more pointers to this .

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