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How to become a Blockchain Developer ?

Who is a Blockchain Developer ?

blockchain developer is a developer that takes care of optimizing and developing blockchain-related dApps, smart contracts, protocols, and architecture.

It is a responsible position which requires attention to detail, knowledge, and ability to overcome challenges.

Types of Blockchain Developers

Core Blockchain Developers

  • The core blockchain developers are responsible for architecture development.

Blockchain Software Developer

  • Blockchain Software Developer works differently. His role is to develop and implement the blockchain using the designs created by the core blockchain developers.

Technical Skills Required

  • Understanding blockchain architecture
  • Data Structures
  • Smart contract development
  • Basic understanding of cryptography

How to become a Blockchain developer ?

Finally , let’s dive into the steps to become a blockchain developer.

Step 1: Learn basics

  • Learn about what is decentralization, the use of consensus, also dive deep into cryptography. L
  • Lastly, you should learn about the blockchain ecosystem.
    • Enterprise blockchain platforms
    • Blockchain as a Service(BaaS) such as Hyperledger, quorum, Corda and Ethereum Enterprise
    • Learn about popular dApps.

Step 2: Learn how the blockchain process works.

  • With basics complete, now you need to get familiar with real-world implementation.
  • To get started, start by working through basic cryptocurrency, you will be able to appreciate what blockchain has to offer.
  • Remember, cryptocurrency is just one use-case of blockchain. It is the first use-case of blockchain.
  • By going through the whole process, you can understand how cryptocurrency, one of the most significant use-cases of blockchain works.

Step 3: Start coding - Learn from blockchain tutorials

it is now time to dive deep into coding.

For beginners, I would learning Solidity. It will help you create and developer dApps and smart contracts on Ethereum blockchain.

  • Create a simple block
  • Create a blockchain out of it
  • Understand what is genesis block and implement it
  • Adds the blocks to the blockchain
  • Validate the chain
  • Use it by doing test runs.

If you do everything correct, you will have a basic
working blockchain!

Step 4: Learn Smart Contracts

A smart contract is also one of the vital blockchain concepts that you need to learn.

  • You can use it to automate or add functionality to your dApps.

Step 5: Read Blockchain Related Content

Keep reading blockchain-related content. Many websites offer high-qualíty, blockchain content. I recommend checking out BlockGeeks and ****

Step 6: Keep improving !

There is no end to learn!

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