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Want tips on creating Daily logs using HTML,CSS &JS

Shubham Kumar
Frontend Developer | React.js | JavaScript 😎
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Firoz Ansari

I second Salvador Hernandez's recommendation to use markdown files instead of the javascript object to store your logs. As a closed workflow, you can also explore using static weblog engines like Hugo or Jekyll to store your logs and push it to GitHub. Further, you can use GitHub Pages to present your logs in the rich and formatted content.

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Shubham Kumar Author

I am trying to create a Daily Logger using HTML, CSS and JS for myself to log the things which I learned everyday and I will add new logs everyday in a object in JS and push it to GitHub for easy access. So does anyone has a better idea on how I can daily add logs in more easy way then directly editing JS objects and pushing the changes to GitHub? I don't want to use database to store logs.

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Salvador Hernandez

Have you considered logging your stuff with markdown? GitHub will automatically convert it into its html equivalent when viewing the file on the site.