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Need guidance regarding remote job

Hello friends,

I'm from India, Currently working as a React Developer in a startup since past 1 year, this was my first job I started working from Nov 2019 (before lockdown) but just after 3 months in March end due to lockdown I'm working from home, so it's basically 9 months I'm doing remote work for the company.

But now I'm thinking of switching job will be working remote but there are lot of questions in my mind regarding same do reply you have any idea about these:

While I was searching for remote job in sites like remoteok, many company mentions salary as per there country's market like 50K to 70K euro per year, do they really pay in between these amount or they adjust as per the candidate from which country they are applying from?

What about the time zones? Does it depend on company to company at what time I'll be working on?

Any thing else I should keep in mind if I'm applying for remote job in different country as per you?


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  1. Bad companies will change the pay depending on the geography. The best ones understand that it's not fair, if you provide the same value than a colleague, you should have the same salary, and that it's also good business because this allows you to attract talents that do not have such good salaries vailable locally
  2. Timezones: my golden rule is that you need to have at least 4 hours of overlap with your colleagues. If you don't it sucks big time.
  3. I encourage you to read Remote - not office needed from Jason Friend & DHH