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How do I improve coding interview question?

Shubham Kumar
Frontend Developer | React.js | JavaScript 😎
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I'm preparing for my first FrontEnd Web Developer job, I had practiced my JavaScript skills by building many small and few larger projects and IΒ just fell confident about it but when it comes to coding challenges types of problems I still fell totally blank on how to solve it :(

Any way how can I get good on such type of problems?

PS: I'm from non science background but I'm learning basic concept of Algo & DS
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Atila Fassina

I think the most difficult part on the technical interview is beating the nerves, I've been around for some time now, done quite a few interviews already (lost count of how many I "failed", and passed some too 😜), but I still get nervous when performing a coding challenge.

So, I'd suggest you keep doing challenges, google the common interview questions, check this repo with some common asked ones, and keep doing challenges. There are some platforms like HackerRank where you can practice if that's what you prefer for studying. Otherwise, you can also read some OSS projects, play around manipulating string and array; learning about data structures, etc.


  • get only the odd numbers in an array
  • reverse a a string
  • check if a string is a palindrome etc.

All these questions have plenty of solutions on the internet and even tutorials.

In a nutshell, stay calm.
"Failing" is normal for everybody, just keep learning.

Good luck! πŸ‘

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Stephen E. Chiang

Building projects and solving coding challenges are related but also require focus on different skills.

When solving coding challenges, you need to formulate and internalize a process such as:

  1. Restate the problem to check you understand purpose and parameters.
  2. Clarify anything vague.
  3. Write a test case with intended result to check your work.
  4. Brute force.
  5. Iterate optimization.
  6. Verify results.

On top of that, practice with algorithms to help you be more creative with how to manipulate data the way you need it to solve the problem.

There are lots of books and sites out there that can help you with these types of problems.

There's also a great thread on daily challenges for you to practice with:

Good luck!