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Want Feedback on my Resume

Shubham Kumar
Frontend Developer | React.js | JavaScript 😎
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This is my resume want some feedback if it needs any improvements, I had kept it simple one column as I came to know that many companies use ATS to scan the resume which finds difficult to read if it is in two-column.

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Nice, very effiscient, one column and one page is easy to read

But if you want to work in FrontEnd and Web maybe you should put some design, the style of your CV can help you to be distinguished from other candidates :)

Two little things:

You have MySQL in Skills but you uses PostGreSQL in your projects, it can be confusing. Add PostGreSQL into Skills.

Group skills by similarities CSS3 with SASS, JavaScript with ES6, ...

Good luck

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Shubham Kumar Author

Thanks for your suggestions! I am not putting designs as it might not be ATS friendly I read somewhere ...

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I think it's fine, just change build with built in the description of the various projects ✌🏾️

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Shubham Kumar Author


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Emmanuel Oreoluwa

Nice.Briefly detailed
I have never written a resume before but i will save yours to use as template