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I open sourced, old & dusty side project [read story]

I originally published this post to Official Meteor Forum

Recently one of our old, unfinished, buggy side projects got hunted on ProductHunt It got quite good popularity. Most of the day was #1 product of the day, but finished as second due bad user experience.

People had bad ux cause app was not production ready, server was not prepared for that, and they mostly saw loading app -.- . We noticed that hunt to late in order to do something. Surprisingly Wireflow got 650+ votes, ~10k visitors and ~1000 registered users. Google analtics

Wireflow started 1.5y ago as idea making of user flows , flow charts easier, with no photoshop skill requiring or buying wireframe kits.

I am not developer, but spent lot of time into Javascript ecosystem, specially in Meteor.js. I was thinking, lets use Meteor.js for web app and real-time collaboration + Fabric.js for canvas manipulation (cause it have all we needed) + beautiful graphics which will be used for flows.
So we did it in few weeks, casually. The app is huge mess I believe since few people messed with backend while they were learning Meteor.

Same day we were hunted on PH, we decided to make it open source In that moment that was at least we could do, since it was collecting dust for 1.5 year and now that hunt gave us confirmation that idea I had is worth and that people want it. Despite bad user experience cause of some bugs and never loading app, people actually love it.

I am calling you guys to check the app out and give some contribution if you like it. Anything will help, from organizing project, reporting bugs, documentation, roadmap, upgrading app to latest meteor version, features ... You know already, any help is welcome.

Little bit about me and the crew I am working with. My name is Stefan, started with my still grlfriend Jelena. I consider myself as a growth hacker, but also as product designer, business guy etc.

We have small crew on Vanila and our internal chat where we build interesting apps for ourself and clients. We are 100% remote team, self funded.

Currently we are involved into few projects of ours, the latest one and we need to finish it, launch it. That's why I am asking for help and collaboration, since we can't focus on few things at once, but will assist as much we can.

Also, Wireflow have 25k+ followers on Instagram

If you are interested to check it out, consider visiting this links:

Github Repo:
Chat Channel:
Youtube Video:
Blog post:

Looking forward to hear your thoughts peeps.



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Your explain really amazing!! Mohini Vashikaran Mantra for Love