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Shruti Kapoor
Shruti Kapoor

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Dev Podcasts to follow

Software Development

Syntax FM - @syntaxfm

Front End Happy Hour - @FrontEndHH

ReactPodcast - @ReactPodcast

CodePen - @CodePen

RealTalkJS - @RealTalkJS

Software Engineering Daily

Developer Tea

Non Development

Trump Con Law - @TrumpConLaw

Dan Carlin’s Hardcore History

Work Life by Adam Grant - @AdamMGrant

IndieHackers - @IndieHackers

Design Details FM - @designdetailsfm

Overlappod - @overlappod

Board games - thesecretcabal

Soft skills - SoftSkillsEng

Tech/Photo - @stalman

Buildyoursass - @buildyoursaas

Stuff you should know - @SYSKPodcast

ShopTalkShow - @ShopTalkShow

99% Invisible

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General Knowledge + Current Affairs

50 Things That Made the Modern Economy -

RobinHood Snacks -

NPR Planet Money -