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Get Ready for Smarter Work: Unveiling the Salesforce Summer '24 Release

The world of customer relationship management (CRM) is abuzz with excitement as Salesforce gears up for its highly anticipated Summer '24 release. Scheduled to roll out in phases between May 17th and June 14th, 2024, this update promises to be a game-changer for businesses seeking to streamline workflows, leverage data for smarter decisions, and build stronger customer relationships.

This article delves into the core elements of the Salesforce Summer '24 release, providing a comprehensive overview of the key features, essential preparation tips, and valuable resources to navigate the upcoming update smoothly.

A Focus on the Future: CRM, AI, Data, and Trust

Salesforce's Summer '24 release reflects a clear vision for the future of CRM, emphasizing four key pillars: CRM, AI, data, and trust. New functionalities introduced in these areas will empower users to:

E*nhance Productivity and Automation:*
Expect improvements in Lightning reports and dashboards for more efficient data visualization and analysis.
Streamlined user access management with better summaries for easier control.
Leverage Flow automation to its full potential with the ability to run flows within a bot user context.
Gain Deeper Customer Insights with AI:
The Summer '24 release marks significant strides in AI integration, particularly in conversation intelligence. This allows users to capture valuable insights from customer interactions, leading to improved customer engagement and satisfaction.
Unlock the Power of Data:
Businesses can expect a plethora of data-driven enhancements, including new and improved features for Data Cloud reports and dashboards.
The update also promises better data governance and management capabilities to ensure data integrity and security.
Prioritize Security and User Trust:
User privacy remains a top priority for Salesforce. The Summer '24 release is likely to introduce new security features to bolster user trust and compliance.
Features like "Allow Only Trusted Cross-Org Redirections" will provide more control over data transfers, ensuring a secure and reliable environment.

Key Dates to Mark on Your Calendar

  • April 16th marks the beginning of the journey towards Release Readiness. Informative blog posts will be shared on this day, aimed at familiarizing administrators with the new features. These posts will delve into Summer '24 flow enhancements, Public Group Summary, and User Access Summary.
  • On April 18th, registration opens for Early Access Organizations. This provides an opportunity for individuals to enroll in an early access Developer Edition environment, allowing them to personally explore upcoming features before their official release.
  • Release Notes will be published on April 24th, offering detailed insights into the comprehensive modifications and newly introduced features.
  • By May 9th, it's essential to refresh your sandbox to test how the new features will interact with your custom setups.
  • Starting from May 10th, the Sandbox Preview period begins. You can verify the upgrade schedule for your sandbox instance via Salesforce Trust. This allows for testing new features in relation to your settings without impacting your operational environment.
  • Main Release Rollouts are scheduled for May 17th, June 7th, and June 14th. These are the dates when the new features will go live across various Salesforce instances. Refer to the Salesforce Maintenance Calendar to determine when your instance will be updated.
  • From May 29th to 31st, participate in Live Release Preparedness activities. Engage in live demonstrations and discussions with product managers to enhance your understanding of the key features and their impact.

How to Prepare for the Summer ’24 Release?
Understand the Impact on Organizational Health: It's important to have visibility into your system's code quality and overall health to assess the potential impact of new updates effectively.

Enable and Test Release Updates in a Sandbox: Prioritize enabling new features in a sandbox environment first to mitigate risks. Testing in this controlled setting allows you to assess impacts and make necessary adjustments safely.

Adapt to New Security Measures: For instance, one update requires implementing "Allow Only Trusted Cross-Org Redirections." This entails adding URLs to the "Trusted URLs for Redirects" allowlist and ensuring all redirections are secure and compliant.

Implement Email and SSO Updates: Changes such as enabling "EmailSimple Invocable Action to Respect Organization-Wide Profile Settings" and transitioning to a "Multiple-Configuration SAML Framework" will necessitate adjustments to your email handling and single sign-on configurations.

Beyond the Headlines: Key Features to Watch Out For
According to the article, Salesforce Summer '24 introduces several new features designed to improve the usability and efficiency of

Salesforce for administrators. Here's a detailed explanation of some of the features:

Automation Lightning App: This feature streamlines the automation process by providing a visual interface for creating and managing workflows.

Einstein for Flow: This feature leverages artificial intelligence (AI) to help administrators create workflows more efficiently. Einstein for Flow can generate draft workflows based on a text description of the desired functionality.

Einstein for Formulas: This feature uses AI to help administrators create formulas more easily. Einstein for Formulas can suggest formulas based on the data that is being used.

Add New Custom Fields to Dynamic Forms-Enabled Pages: This feature allows administrators to add custom fields to dynamic forms, which can improve their flexibility and usability.

Use Blank Spaces to Align Fields on Dynamic Forms-Enabled Pages: This feature allows administrators to add blank spaces to dynamic forms, which can improve their appearance and usability.

*Set Conditional Visibility for Individual Tabs in Lightning App Builder: *

This feature allows administrators to control the visibility of individual tabs in Lightning apps based on certain conditions. This can help to improve the user experience by hiding tabs that are not relevant to the current user or context.

Create Rich Text Headings in Lightning App Builder: This feature allows administrators to create rich text headings in Lightning apps, which can improve the formatting and readability of the app.
See Fields in Compact Density When Configuring a Lightning Record Page:** This feature allows administrators to see the fields in a compact density when configuring a Lightning record page. This can help save space and improve the configuration process's efficiency.
Preparing for a Smooth Transition: Essential Tips

While the new features offer exciting possibilities, it's crucial to prepare your organization for a smooth transition. Here are some key steps to take:

Review Release Notes:

Salesforce typically releases comprehensive documentation outlining the update's details. Carefully review the release notes to understand the new features and how they might impact your Salesforce instance. This guide will help you identify any potential areas requiring additional attention before the update goes live.

Leverage Sandbox Environments:
Salesforce offers sandbox environments that mirror your production instance. Use this opportunity to test the new features within the sandbox to identify any potential conflicts with your existing customizations. This proactive testing can minimize downtime and disruptions during the actual update rollout.

Seek Support from Salesforce and Trusted Partners:
Salesforce offers a wealth of resources to help you navigate the update process. This includes online documentation, training materials, and access to experienced support professionals through Salesforce support services.
Additionally, consider partnering with a trusted Salesforce consulting firm.

FEXLE, a leading salesforce consulting company, has extensive experience with Salesforce updates and can provide valuable guidance throughout the transition process. We can assist with testing, customization adjustments, training, and ongoing support to ensure your organization maximizes the benefits of the Summer '24 release.

Conclusion: A Catalyst for Transformation

The Salesforce Summer '24 release has the potential to be a game-changer, empowering businesses to work smarter, leverage data more effectively, and build stronger customer relationships.
By familiarizing yourself with the upcoming features, following these preparation tips, and potentially partnering with a Salesforce expert, you can ensure a smooth transition and unlock the full potential of this exciting update.

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