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The work you guys are doing on Live Share is truly impressive! It's become my go-to tool for collaborating with other developers and it's only getting better with every update. Thank you so much! 🙌

One question though: When I'm talking to someone over voice chat – mostly Discord – I don't need the "Code Comments" feature and the line it adds to the gutter is fairly distracting and gets in the way when I want to click on a Git diff. Is there some way to turn it off?


Thanks for the feedback! Unfortunately, there isn’t currently a way to turn this off, but we’ll prioritize the work to add a setting to disable it. We’ve actually been meaning to do that, but we were waiting to see if there was interest in that level of configurability. You’re not the only person that has found the comment gutter distracting, so we’ll try to get this change in the next release 👍

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