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Shripathy πŸš€
Shripathy πŸš€

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How do I convince people about the importance of Privacy?

With all these controversies around Facebook reading people messages and Google with all the tracking they do, how can I convince people that their privacy matters? My friends think that it's okay for these companies to use people data because we use their services.

I deleted Facebook, I don't use Instagram often, I delete myactivity from google but I end up looking like a weirdo. Why do people value privacy so low?

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Daniel S. Reichenbach

You are no weirdo for ditching social media. The whole topic is quite complex, go and ask people "why are you okay with giving intimate information for using this dervice" and see if there is a pattern.

From my own experience, people often will tell you that e.g. planning an Event is so much better with Facebook. But why is it better than calling people to invite them?

All possible answers will be deeply rooted in a persons character, and even Show you things you did not want to find out.

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abbhishek971 • Edited on

Don't be afraid @shripathy . Even I have ditched Social Media apps.

If a colleague or a friend needs to be convinced about their privacy, I just tell them
What if there is someone who is watching you every single minute of your life?
What if someone knows more about you than yourself?
What if someone can project and predict your behavior before you do?
What if the choices you are making on the Internet are not from free will, but being fed to you?

I also tell them about the scene from the movie Snowden where the Govt. official watches the terrorist's sister-in-law.

Here is the link to the clip:

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Shripathy πŸš€ Author

Will definitely recommend the clip to more people :)

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Tobias SN

How would you feel if the post office read every letter you got or sent and checked the contents of every parcel? That’s practically what services like Gmail do.