Dear dev.to, I made it.

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On November 23rd, 2017, I wrote here seeking advice from the community about an important career decision. You can read that below...

Everyone was supportive of the decision that I was about to take and reassured me that I was doing the right thing. Thanks to all of you, I quit my job a week after that on November 30th, 2017.

The following month, I didn't do anything about my career and decided to have some "ME TIME". From January 1st, 2018, I started looking for jobs and also started working on my coding skills which I had lost touch because of my previous job. I wouldn't say I improved a lot over the past three months but I definitely learned few important skills for the job.

After a lot of rejection emails(my lack of experience was the main reason), failed interviews and sleepless nights, there was one person who saw the passion in me (I am not going to mention his personal details here as I need to ask his permission before writing about him). He is not an HR person but the CTO startup called Paperflite and he asked my mobile number after seeing my resume on AngelList. Of course, I gave him my number and he called me up and we had a solid 30 minutes conversation about my previous jobs and about his startup. After that session, he sent me a task which I successfully completed and then I was called up for an in-person interview(it was just a face to face discussion about my previous jobs and the task that he had given me). The interview ended on a positive note for me as I was selected for the job.

So yeah... Here I am... 4 months after writing the above article... working as a developer for a startup called Paperflite. I would like to thank every single soul who encouraged me to take that decision, CTO who believed in me, the founder & co-founder of Paperflite who also believed in me and were supportive of my CTO's decision.

Dear dev.to, I made it <3

P.S. Pardon if the story was boring and not well written. I expressed it as much as I can 😬

I rant about tech here - @ShripathyR - Twitter
I post few pictures here - @Shripathy - Instagram
I am planning to write more articles here - @Shripathy - Dev.to

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Hell yeah! Congrats!!!!


Thank you Ben for creating such a wonderful platform for this community <3


Hey congratulations! :clap:

This post is something that really made me think about just how personal dev.to is. It's awesome when posts like this are some of the most popular and the creator of the website is the first to comment!


Thanks @eoinmmurphy . Yes...even I was so happy that Ben was the first to respond to the post and that's why he's the best <3


Nah, he is pretty good but I am the best.


Reading this makes me really happy! Congratulations, and thanks for sharing your experience!


Nice @shripathy congrats! And thanks for sharing the really encouraging journey :)


Congratulations! I wish you greater heights!


Thanks mate :)


Glad to hear about your success!


Congrats, you are way greater than you think.


Congratulations. Great to hear this..! 😊


Big hecking congrats!
Where can I get the green sticker? and is it mimicking o'reily book cover style?



I got the stickers from this link and yes it's mimicking o'reily book cover style.


Congrats! And welcome to the developer family!


Well done. Wish you all the best. We've always got your back brother :)


This is great to read. I'm in the process myself.



Thanks a lot Ruth :)


well done!

I'm on the same page, developing my skills again to dive head first into development and freelance work.

keep us posted!


Congratulations! That's amazing :)