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We need to slow down, Everything is going too fast

Last year, when GPT was released AI was trending in the market.

However, I landed a remote opportunity in the Web3 domain, developing wallet apps for web3 users.

Web3 was still trending and new or latest technology in the market but we have AI or so-called GPT models.

ChatGPT just makes our life either too miserable or too good or easy, I am not sure because instead of enjoying free time in the world we humans are working more and more.

Product Hunt is filled with many apps, websites, and tools already being developed.

Twitter is bombarded with people launching their apps and websites.

  • GoogleI/O was last week
  • ChatGPT launched GPT 4–o this month
  • Canva have new releases this week
  • Vercel and React released new versions a lot is going on in technology

Developers are working overtime!!

Solo developers are worrying and consistently learning they have no time to rest, how want to rest in 2024?

Does anyone feel like this is going too fast, technology is often going all-time high development rate and there is no sign of abating.

Last year, I was reading Web3 and Blockchain, working on cool technology and today it seems like an outdated one.

Just forget the technology, Youtube videos, Twitter tweets, Movies, shows, and launches all become outdated within a week.

We are not in the state to remember or cherish anything for more than a week.

We don’t Sprint in a Marathon

I believe Simon Sinek was right, we are playing the infinite game instead of the Finite game, ofcourse we all have limited time but most of us have more than an average of 20+ years of working.

When it comes to running a marathon we don't need to sprint we should save energy instead and focus on completing a marathon.

The 100m race needs a sprint and for that small amount one can easily sprint but doing the same in the marathon is the devastating idea that 90% of people tried and failed.

We can’t blame a single person for this situation, is ChainGPT the culprit, or is Google Gemini the reason behind such a fast-paced working industry?

It’s a rather more complex interconnected cause-effect problem, the problem emerges somewhere effect somewhere else.

People not accepting this fast-paced industry standard will be and are getting abashed so we can’t blame ourselves for accepting these standards we have no other choice.

Developers are getting frustrated, burnouts are more common nowadays, it will happen because of the way we are working,

The current mindset of working standards creates an inevitable burnout for devs and managers across the globe.

I love technology and frontend and AI and Web3 and I love writing code but the competition is so fierce that if I miss anything it leads to FOMO, burnout, leaving behind syndrome and so on.

Twitter sometimes gives me insecurity because people are doing so much in such a short time.

Somedays I feel to shut down YouTube and Twitter but a few hours down the line, I feel like I am missing something important, it’s a Trap.

This all doesn’t seem good in the long run, I am worried about where the next generation sees themselves, so much to learn or nothing to learn at all.

People are anyways getting divided into extreme categories, normal is not so normal anymore, One wants to develop fast and the other just wants a medium pace lifestyle a more balanced one.

I believe we should not force everyone to become a fast-paced, high-trending working employee, we should accept that some or more people might love the balanced lifestyle.

It’s been 5 months without travelling and just working and working, I don’t have any complaints because now I’ve learned how to cope up with burnout and frustration.

Stop running so fast guys nothing makes sense to me, good things take time, and you simply can’t build a Rome in one day using AI.

Take care of yourself and simply enjoy it.

Remember, in the end, we all gonna die one day so who cares, F** off to all one day, here I am enjoying a good Saturday.



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