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This can be your next project

Develop it, share it, get the next job and thank me later

Under the Hood

I won’t say much but did you read my last LinkedIn post?

LinkedIn post on learn programming

Now the point is simple, I’ve told multiple times to a lot of developers how to grab your job, how to learn programming, how to become a top-notch developer and bla bla

The question is simple do we need to learn DSA, do we need to master some top Udemy courses or do we need to make a resume from Chat GPT to stand out?

Write a Program to Learn Programming

It’s not rocket science anymore, we need to write programs to learn programming.

We need to develop projects to become good developers or even experienced.

Experience developers are not experienced because of age but because they have extensive experience in developing a variety of projects.

Or Experienced developers are the ones who have mastery of developing one thing at a time but almost to the level of perfectionism.

So you have no other options left even if Chat GPT arrives in the next few years, developers still have to write programs to become good developers.

Small Project to Start

So since we have to understand what to do so now is the time to know where to start.

I am giving one project idea, the real-world website project, this is a full-stack project so the choice is yours on which tech-stack you want to choose.

Google Pay Expense Manager

In India, 80–90% of transactions are done via online payment called UPI mostly by the middle class and above class people.

It’s not available in other countries yet but India is way ahead and other countries like France, and Japan are copying the same model.

Online transactions are easy and effective and less prone to errors.

Now since most of the transactions are online, managing expenses can be made easy for people.

The project is to develop

Online google pay expense manager

  • The user will be logged in via the phone number on the website to connect to google pay
  • Users can see the last 100 or 200 or 3/4 months' transactions.
  • The website should categorise the transactions enabling easy to understand for the user about all of his/her expenses
  • More filter options along with real-time charts for better analysis can be given. Simple yet effective projects, try to make it as good-looking as possible.

My advice is to use the simple black-and-white combination to make it appealing.

Refer to this for the sample design
Sample design

Plan of Action

  • We need Google API to fetch the user transactions
  • We need API to allow user to logged in using the phone number via OTP
  • We need a frontend interface including charts, a list of the last transactions and so on.

Tech Stack

Choose the stack of your choice it doesn’t matter initially at all.

Just make sure you can easily host the project to add them to your resume and showcase them to the people just using the link.

Tech stack I will choose

  • Google Pay API
  • Firebase for phone authentication
  • React in frontend
  • Next.js react framework
  • Node.JS for backend API
  • MongoDB as the database
  • Vercel for hosting
  • Tailwind CSS for styling
  • Twilio as SMS sending API
  • GitHub for version control Feel free to do whatever you want to do as it doesn’t matter much about the stack.


  • Develop the project using your fav language and tech stack
  • Create a frontend interface to log in using a phone number via OTP
  • Create API or method to send OTP and allow logged in
  • Fetch the user's phone number transactions using google pay API.
  • Show cool charts and a list of all the transactions.
  • Open source the project on GitHub and share it on social media
  • Deploy the project on the sample URL and add the link on the resume In this way, your first project is ready to add to the resume, so do give it a try and lemme know if you face any problems.

Keep developing

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