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React Native go-to packages for every mobile app

Some of the npm modules literally have my heart

Under the Hood

Most of my last stories revolve around react-native because I am currently working on it for more than 8 hours a day.

I building a react-native web3 non-custodial wallet app, basically a metamask or uniswap mobile app.

Now every time I create a mobile app I prefer some of the modules as the go-to packages and that is the inspiration of this idea.


React Native vector icons npm module can be missed if you won’t have your own custom-made icons.

You can of course use images from Flaticon and Google but it takes time and for MVP I prefer vector icons to develop fast.


It’s a debate I still can’t use Expo for any production-based application. I have a doubt or let’s say didn’t trust Expo much for the high-level application.

The main reason is the community support and Expo is still new and its compatibility with multiple packages in future is what I doubt the most.

But still, to develop things fast and easily Expo will be my favourite and go-to package.

I mean I don’t want to waste time installing a react-native project and running it in my emulator this is a stupid waste of time.

Tailwind CSS Colors

I found this love recently because I use Tailwind in frontend or in all my frontend projects so automatically when it comes to dealing with colours in react-native I choose Tailwind CSS colours.

Basically, the below link is open for all my project's websites or mobile apps.
Customise colors - Tailwind CSS

React Native Paper or Elements

Nothing much to say you will need UI components like Buttons, Tasb, and Spinners so just use any one of them and you are good to go.
React Native Paper

React Native Elements is also a good try to use the one fit for the project.

React Navigation

You can’t live without it. Not sure why react-native doesn’t make it mandatory or install it within the react-native bare project.

Never mind, you will have more than one screen and for navigation, we have only one library.

React Navigation

React Native Raw Bottom Sheet

I am sure we all love those bottom drawers and the feeling to use a drawer is cool feeling so why not add them to most of the project?

Below is the link
React Native Raw Bottom Sheet


State management is required and must and again we have only a good package for production-based applications to trust.

Redux plays that role and I am not adding a link you can easily find on Google.

Chat GPT

Yeah, this is my new npm module.

If I want to develop tabs I ask the code.

If I want to develop a custom drawer or avatar or UI screen it will give me the code.

So why not, read this last story about how chat GPT might replace small npm modules?

I’ve also discussed the way I am using Chat GPT to develop fast and reduce the application size.

Do we need npm packages


Packages I prefer in almost every project or mobile app

  • React Native Vector Icons
  • React Native Raw Bottom Sheet
  • React Native Navigation
  • Redux
  • Chat GPT Feel free to subscribe to my newsletter for more such stories.

Keep developing

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Bryan King Pecho

Great list! 👏 I always rely on React Native vector icons for a quick and visually appealing app design.

shreyvijayvargiya profile image
shrey vijayvargiya

Yeah, I love it