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My custom News Aggregation Platform

Hello people,

This is a very short product update.

Last year I was reading a lot of news online and much of my time was wasted between tabs and different platforms.

I've used chatGPT to figure out a way to save the time wasted on repeated tasks.

I've searched for alternative platforms like Google News and so on.

After a few more research days, I've decided to develop my own so-called custom news aggregation platform.

I am quite impressed by the open-source team of so I've decided to develop one on my own.

The idea was simple, as described in the following ways

  • Collection of platforms I am interested in
  • Fetch the data via RSS link
  • Create API to fetch the data in one go
  • Store channel names in the database
  • Make API calls in frontend
  • Render the frontend UI to showcase the news content

if you want to read the full story of the development process, below is the link

News content aggregation platform

Below is the sample video for your reference, this simple product helps me to read fast and stay updated securely.

Image description

Plus this small project has taught me various concepts in backend APIs and frontend interfaces.

Feel free to give it a shot on your own
See you in the next one

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