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shrey vijayvargiya

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Less is More

Recently, I covered a story on why scalable, flexible and extensible are the new currencies for any open-source product to make trade among developers.

The most we read about the future frameworks, open-source tools, and agenda's plan of action the more we can connect dots where the world is proceeding.

Of course, we can't predict the future, meaning, we can't say which framework or package will crash the market and which one will get crashed.

But one thing we have to understand is that less is more.

Headless UI is the first backed example

We are heading towards less now, Headless UI is the best example. Earlier we use to have a UI components library giving all sorts of components with in-built themes and logic being injected but now we are headless/unstyled and have to change the conventional methods for UI library.

Now giving less is giving more, UI libraries are only concerned about giving UI components without styling just the logic to be attached.

If want more here are a bunch of examples to get yourself a better understanding.

Qwik - No JS frameworks

Next, we have this new JS framework developed by the founder of Angular JS. Ironically, he found a way to make a comeback in the JS market.
Qwik is no JS framework, as we all know javascript is the most costly and expensive language to run on a browser which makes websites a bit slow when it comes to making the website dynamic.
The conventional methods work in the way that bundles are downloaded from the server followed by parsing, compiling and then execution where event handlers are attached to the DOM elements to make the website interactive or dynamic. 

This entire process is costly and expensive and time-taken so Qwik comes with a completely different approach called resumability.

Game Change JS framework?

Coming back to the point we now trying to remove JS from the actual websites to load them better and faster.
Again less is more, less javascript fast websites.

Astro - the all-in-one framework

Astro is a cross-compatible framework that writes React, Vue, and Svelte in a single repository. 
In future, we don't have to argue among React, Vue or static pages we just use the single framework to add any of them as per requirements.
Again, Less is More!!


Well, I don't know what's next we have on the plate but I am certainly looking forward to this new approach of minimalistic. Well, I am also a nig fan of minimalism so it's good to have less which is again enough.

Keep developing

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