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How to find a Job as a developer in just 30 Days

Rock solid plan in just 4 steps to grab your next job opportunity in the next 30 Days

Under the Hood

In today’s story, we will discuss the rock-solid plan to grab your next job opportunity in 30 days as a developer. By the way, it doesn’t matter what domain you belong to and what job you are looking for designers, marketing, and product manager this strategy is mathematically proven.

Let’s jump into it directly,

Step one – Search Companies for the next 10/15 Days

According to one job-finding survey, on average, if you are looking for a worldwide remote job then you start getting responses after 100/150+ cold emails or Job applications.

Basically, you have to apply to more than 100 companies in one go and it might sound frustrating but when we break the strategy it won’t be as difficult as it sounds.

Since we knew the objective so bigger the WHY becomes and clear the HOW will. The objective is to apply to more than or equal to 150 companies and we have only 30 days so we will divide the first 10 days into collecting companies' email ids or job applications form.

You can divide the maths accordingly whether you want to collect 10 emails per day or 15 emails per day, I would go for 15 as it saves me 5 more extra days.

At the end of the 10th day, you will have more than 150 companies' email ids applying for the job and you can ease this process of collecting email ids using Chat GPT itself.

Or you can use this portal that I’ve developed for everyone to grab their next job opportunity called Find Jobs Portals.

Find Jobs Portals

Every day you choose anytime in the day to collect email ids and search for the companies. Apply directly all together to those 15 companies in one go using cold emailing, Yes, cold emailing is WHAT I prefer to find the next remote job opportunity. It sincerely works all of my preceding jobs were accorded to grab via cold emailing so I can assure you of the importance of it.

Next 10 days * 15 emails per day = 150 Job application

Now the task is clear, every day you have to just collect 15 emails from the companies who are hiring and apply them via cold email at the end of each day.

Step 2 – Preparation

Do not underestimate the power of preparation, you should prepare even if are confident or low confident.

Prepare for those basic JavaScript/react/backend/front end/nodes/python interview questions. I simply google the top 50 {programming language} interview questions and BOOM, the rest is the history.

I mean the interviewer also hasn’t upgraded himself, the task, the assignment and most of the interview questions are almost the same.

After giving 100+ interviews so far, I’ve jotted down all 50 interview questions and I am certain that you will be asked questions among them in your next interview.

50 Frontend Interview Questions

50 React Native Interview Questions

50 Node JS Interview Questions

You can directly go through those questions to prepare yourself for future adversity.

Step 3 – Job Application Tracking

This is also underestimated by a lot of people whom I recommend this technique. You should manage all the job applications in one place otherwise it will become messed up in the middle of the process, you will get confused about which company to apply to for what profile and what and when should I suppose to reply them back, bla bla bla shit.

In order to avoid this confusion, I create this job application tracker table in my Notion. I am using this to put all the email ids in one place with the status of the first email and second email and interview and so forth.

This simply avoids confusion and I don’t have to remember things I just invest 25/30 minutes to research the companies hiring and their respective email ids and add them to the table. Once the target is achieved or I’ve collected those 15 email ids then I start applying them one by one.

I called it a SYSTEM, a system to apply for the next job, a system to grab your next opportunity.

I mean in this way, we usually don’t feel too much pressure, and we feel burnout.

We are preparing, researching, and managing the job application so precisely that success becomes inevitable.

So try this method for the next 30 days and you will be shocked at how apt it is.

Step 4 – Reuse the assignments

Many times companies will give you the assignment before putting you in the spot of interviewing. It’s good to test and witness the coding skills but it’s often time-consuming for experienced developers.

I often refuse to do so or I ask them to pay me back, I know it’s not FAIR but it’s about time not about the assignment.

My advice is to reuse the codebases and simply copy-paste the codebases if you have one otherwise create one and reuse it everywhere.

Read this story about Building systems and automating everything


If you want the Notion template for the same, below is the link to manage all jobs application at the same place and get the 40+ extensive jobs portals also.

Job tracker & portals

Go head use the strategy and grab your next opportunity and I am sure it won’t confuse you anymore.

Feel free to subscribe for more such stories, if you want to get these stories directly to your INBOX, below is the link.


Until next time, have a good day.

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logarithmicspirals profile image

As time has gone on, I've found more success in highly targeted job applications. When I was trying to land my first job, my strategy was similar to this. Send out a lot of applications and hope for the best. One has to have a pretty thick skin for that strategy though.

For those just starting out in their careers, it's unavoidable to send out a lot of applications. The best piece of advice in your article is probably step 3. Tracking applications allows one to treat the process almost like a science. As you apply, track not only the applications but also the responses. If you have a longer timeline than thirty days, the feedback to applications can be used to fine tune future submissions.

dinsmoredesign profile image
Derek D

+1 to this. As a junior, sending out tons of applications may be needed depending on where you live, but there are definitely places that don't get a lot of applicants where you'll have a much better chance. Public sector jobs (government, school districts, agencies, etc) and local banks or credit unions are a great start. As you get further into your career, applying on a more targeted basis is definitely more fruitful IMO.

shreyvijayvargiya profile image
shrey vijayvargiya

Totally agreed. I'll always prefer working with small-size startups as a junior developer where you will learn fast I mean the fastest when you work in startups.

shreyvijayvargiya profile image
shrey vijayvargiya

Very well noted and completely agree, STEP 3 is what I've learned from experience I also didn't do it during my first job search 😁.

Honestly, we don't need tough skin to keep applying, that is WHY I've divided the task into 10/15 days so that we don't feel frustrated and burned out.

It is just a matter of 2 weeks and once you accomplish that 2-week target you will learn the art of making a plan and sticking to the plan no matter what.

Plus 10 companies a day won't be too difficult and most of the developers don't even need 150 applications they often find a decent offer among the first 50 applications and that is the driving force to keep going till the end of 15 days until you find the one you love to join.

dracheal profile image

It's way easier than you think, experienced specialists are required everywhere, so it won't be difficult to find a job as a developer. In addition, there are excellent resources with, for example, Java jobs with relocation assistance, which greatly simplifies both the job search and the relocation process, as companies provide the necessary relocation support.

shreyvijayvargiya profile image
shrey vijayvargiya

Find Jobs Portals -
This will give all the jobs portals you can use to grab the next opportunity

sadique43 profile image

Great post, however the links to Interview question's aren’t working and there are some typo mistakes in the post, else it's a great piece of advice overall.👍

shreyvijayvargiya profile image
shrey vijayvargiya

Oh, sorry for the mistake and thanks for correcting it. The mistakes are edited and addressed including links

clericcoder profile image
Abdulsalaam Noibi

Thanks for sharing

shreyvijayvargiya profile image
shrey vijayvargiya

Thanks for reading and commenting!!!

dipanjan profile image
Dipanjan Ghosal

The links are broken. And a typo for "remote" job at the beginning (you wrote "remove").
Otherwise, nice article 👍

shreyvijayvargiya profile image
shrey vijayvargiya

This is corrected and thanks for pointing out the mistake!!!

rc2168st profile image

Excellent 💕 thanks for sharing

shreyvijayvargiya profile image
shrey vijayvargiya

Glad to hear that, thanks for reading !!!