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50 React Native Interview Questions

Under the Hood

I’ve given more than 100 interviews in my 4 years of industry experience. I am a self-taught developer and frontend is something I love and can do forever.

But when I interviewed those 100 companies I found that most of them revolve around a similar set of questions.

Even most companies have the same set of assignments 😁 I mean I’ve copy-pasted most of the code and submitted it, Why not, I don’t want to waste my time in giving bullshit assignments when I’ve shown the HR 70+ projects collection.

I don’t know why the hell they still want me to write code for them when they can see those 70+ GitHub projects and for verification, they can check the commits list, it’s ME, it’s my NAME on those commits list.

Save this story for the future, when you prepare for the interview simply go through them.

React Native Interview Questions

  1. What is different between React & React Native?
  2. How React Native works
  3. Explain Core components and Native components
  4. Define Designs in React Native, Height, Width, Images, Layout
  5. Define Stylesheet.
  6. What is flexbox in React Native?
  7. What is Flatlist?
  8. How to re-render Flatlist?
  9. How to improve Flatlist performance?
  10. What is ScrollView?
  11. Differentiate between ScrollView and Flatlist?
  12. Explain Timers in React Native.
  13. How to debug react native app?
  14. Explain List View in React Native
  15. Explain Touchable Components.
  16. How to add navigation in react native app?
  17. Define the advantages of React Native.
  18. What is React Native bridge and define its purpose?
  19. What are Thread in React Native and its application?
  20. How to manage states in React Native?
  21. What are Redux, Reducer, Action and Store in Redux?
  22. How to use Redux in React Native?
  23. How to style React Native app?
  24. Explain Async Storage and define its use case
  25. Why do React Native apps cause performance issues?
  26. How to improve React Native app performance
  27. How does a memory leak happen and how to resolve it?
  28. How to add animations smoothly without performance hindrance?
  29. Where does Async storage store data?
  30. Where does Redux store data in React Native apps?
  31. How we are able to write JSX in React Native apps?
  32. Native apps vs Hybrid apps?
  33. Explain Hot reloading and Live reloading
  34. Explain ref in React Native.
  35. Why React Native app use keys?
  36. What is InteractionManager and why it is important?
  37. How to make React Native app responsive?
  38. How to deploy React Native app?
  39. Explain React Native app architecture
  40. How to add Push Notification in React Native?
  41. How to add analytics in React Native apps?
  42. How to integrate third-party libraries in React Native
  43. How do debug apps and multiple app crashes?
  44. How to add icons in React Native app?
  45. When should setNativeProps be used in React Native?
  46. How is React Native code processed to display the final output on the screen?
  47. How to use Typescript, Firebase, and connect Databases/backend in React Native app?
  48. How to test and add test cases in react native app?
  49. How to implement animations and complex gestures like Drag n Drop?
  50. How to use tools to optimise app performance?


If you want to prepare for React Native then I made this Roadmap template to prepare for the same.
Roadmap to learn React Native and resources to build the production-level applications.

What’s inside?

  • Perfect Roadmap to learn React Native
  • Growth Tracker to track learning growth
  • My Medium Friendly link articles 😁
  • Github code repositories of real-world products
  • Top-notch resources list including Youtubers, Bloggers and Websites

Get the template

Until next time, have a good day.
Keep developing

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