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10 must known JS/TS open-source packages

Under the Hood

The story began when I was writing my newsletter.

While reading a bunch of javascript weekly articles online I’ve found an extensive list of open-source packages one-by-one.

We often need or rely on such packages but never discuss them as a tech stack or project.

These small cool packages are a good learning source as well as provide an experience to understand how open-source works in the real world.

Let’s not waste time and start !!

Fontsource1700+ open source fonts packaged as npm packages.

Prisma Popular ORM for Node.js and TypeScript

melonJS Lightweight HTML5 game engine.

Tiptap Headless wrapper for building rich text editor

peak.js BBC News platform creates its audio waveform library

billboard.js javascript chart library based on D3.js

Hono — Ultra-fast web application framework Hono helps developers to build APIs, it’s is similar to Express.js with all middleware already handled inbuilt, superfast and good developer experience.

Zod TypeScript-first schema validation with static type inference

TurborepoTurborepo has released version 2.0 which received millions of downloads per week as the npm module and they have released the version, read more in detail about what is new in 2.0

Storybook Build and test UI components in isolation before pushing them into production

Rspack 0.7 Fast Rust-based web bundler.


Open-source packages are important because our daily development depends on it.

As well open-source projects are also a good inspiration to begin.

That's it for today, see you in the next one


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