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The Ultimate Guide to best Text Analytics solutions.

As a budding marketing professional, I always wondered if all the text analysis solutions are created equal? I got an empathetic ‘’NO’’as the answer.

I got to know that each text analytics platform has a specific offering and an ideal client for their technology. The text analytics market is well established, but with so many options to choose from, how will you get to know which platform is most suitable for your organization? This short article aims to help you decide.

In no particular order -other than to put my favorite first- here are the best text analytics tool in the market….


Bytesview is a ready-to-use comprehensive text analytics solution. However, you can also choose from the various custom integration options if needed. It also enables easy integration of data with various in-built integrations such as Zendesk, Zapier, Excel, and Google sheets.If you have the resources and time to code, you can use the BytesView API to build your own custom sentiment analysis model.


RapidMiner markets itself as a machine learning company for enterprise-level clients looking to “drive revenue, reduce costs, and avoid risks.” With a focus on data science teams, their platforms offer customization and specialization equivalent to the IBM Watson suite, but with a scope well beyond text analytics.

RapidMiner’s platform consists of two main elements: the core engine RapidMiner Server and the visualization suite, RapidMiner Studio.


MeaningCloud Sentiment Analysis API program does aspect-based sentiment analysis on the user’s input to find out if a specific topic draws positive, negative, or neutral sentiments.

Some of MeaningCloud’s best features include global sentiment detection understanding which elements are opinion and which are facts and determining how the customer felt about every individual sentence in the text


Monkeylearn is another excellent text analysis tool that offers a ready-to-use sentiment analysis solution. It offers plugins for Zendesk, Google Sheets, and more for easy integration of data.

Additionally, if you know how to code, you can use the MonkeyLearn API to build your custom sentiment analysis model. You can use data related to your industry or business organization to train the model and increase accuracy.


Text analytics extracts cutting-edge data that can be translated into insights on consumer intent, social media sentiment, employee satisfaction, competitor intelligence… the list goes on, access your requirements before you choose one to get started.

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