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Shreerang Patwardhan
Shreerang Patwardhan

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I have been working on improving the performance of some large e-commerce sites lately and that is when I came across #30DaysOfWebPerf on Twitter. This made me think, if I could learn more by embarking on this 30 day long journey and in the process also share some of the knowledge I have. Some topics, I think, I will cover as part of this will include.

  1. Let's tackle the Images (obviously)
  2. Cleaning up the critical render path
  3. Cleaning up unused CSS
  4. Cleaning up unused Javascript
  5. Cleaning up the DOM
  6. Dealing with third party scripts
  7. Measuring performance
  8. Resources you can learn from

Follow me on Twitter @shreerangp for the #30DaysOfWebPerf series, or on #DEVcommunity where I'll post the thread for each day in the series at

#30DaysOfWebPerf Series

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