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i changed one old web application into angular and spring boot microservices. i learn basic angular form youtube tutorials and other sources, but i have big confusion on deployment. when we run command

ng build --prod
it compress all files and create dist folder. i copy all file from dist folder and paste inside tomcat webapps folder and application run fine.

is it necessary to build whole project every time? and repeat same process again and again when we make any changes on our local development machine.

i try to find the solution a lot search on google but did not get any solution . what is the proper way for deployment from local machine to production server?

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Assuming you have some standards in place as to when and what gets deployed, or we are talking about a "leading edge" dev server that can be unstable, then setting up a Continuous Integration and Deployment pipeline sounds like what you want.

I'd recommend looking into both. The main idea is you automate the building, and deployment, along with automating testing and other tasks so you can focus on building the app, and getting it deployed as quickly as possible.

There is overhead in setting up the pipeline, like if you have no tests I don't recommend deploying straight to production.

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I agree with @bradtaniguchi 's comment - thoughtworks' CI article is best place to start with.

@shrawanttiwari - could you answer following questions?

  1. Do you have source code repo?

  2. Do you have continuous integration system in place (TeamCity or Jenkins or Azure DevOps etc.)?

  3. If it is yes for (2), then follow up question - is there a build configuration in that CI system which builds this project. From description it looks like you have revamped the legacy application using Angular and Sprintboot. In that case your old configurations may not work.

A little more information on the context would help DEVs help you better

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Dmitriy Ostrovskiy

What about Jenkins?

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Paresh • Edited

Can you please add help tag to your post so that it gets listed in the right category?