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How To Get Web Development Freelancing Projects As Fresher & My Experience

How to get web development freelancing projects when you are a student and what is it's benefits. I will also share my experience how I got my first freelancing project.

Benefits of Having Freelancing Projects

Well, I am not sharing how you can get projects for your web development agency. Here I am sharing you can get projects for learning more and learn how real works are done in real projects.

If you have any freelancing projects that will help you in cracking web development interviews. Because in my first web development interview the interviewer asked do you have done any freelancing projects.

Secondly these projects helps you in developing your skills.


This video is in Hindi. If you know Hindi this will be helpful to you.

How I Got My First Project

I got my first project through my senior of my college. He has a startup and he needed a developer. Then he call me and asked some questions for testing my knowledge and saw my personal projects. Then he gave me the project and I was the backend developer. I sharped my skills when I was working with them. This also helped in getting my job.

How to Get Web Development Freelancing Projects

Make good connections with your seniors who are also doing freelancing, job or have startups. Then can give you projects and also help you in learning new things. They can also help you in getting job refers.

LinkedIn is the best social media to get projects. Make a professional LinkedIn profile. Share your knowledge there and also share your personal projects also.

Many startups also need freelance web developers for their on going projects. You can find small startups and mail them. Write about your skills, your projects and share your resume. If they needed they will contact you.

These were some tips on how you can get web development projects if you are a fresher. Comment below how you got your first project.

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