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How to get a High paying MERN Job

Iv you are passionate about web development then you are very familiar with MERN stack. This is one of the most popular technology stack nowadays. So lets talk about how to get a high paying MERN job as a fresher.


MERN is a full stack technology based on JavaScript frameworks. MERN consist of Mongo DB, Express JS, React JS and Node Js. Mainly React JS is used in front end. Node and Express are used in Backend and Mongo DB is for database.

MERN is one of the popular stack technology in India as well as in global. This stack is based on JS. So you not need to learn different languages for Frontend and backend separately. And MERN is suitable for making scalable web apps.

How to get a high paying MERN job for Freshers

Well, if you want to be a MERN stack developer and want a high salary package then follow the rules.

Big product based startups and also service based startups pays MERN stack developers a lot. This tips that I am writing, are from many MERN stack Developers in my network and my friends. You can get 30,000 to 1,00,000 rupees jobs as a fresher as MERN stack developer.

Lets follow the tips given below:

1. Strong Fundamentals & Concepts

JavaScript is easy to learn but it has some concepts that you should know if you are going for MERN stack developer role. You should be clear about this concepts if you are giving an JS interview for a high paying job.

The some of the important JS concepts are - scope, hoisting, closures, asynchronous JS, higher order functions etc.

2. Build Full Stack Projects

Build at least 3 full stack projects. Projects are very important for cracking a MERN interview and getting a high salary package. Because projects shows your development skills and knowledge. And companies need it.

Your projects should be live and codes should be available on Github. So that the interviewer can check your web app and ask questions from that.

Try to build a clone project like Netflix clone, Instagram clone etc. But try some different touch in UI and don't tell the interviewer that I have made a clone of this app. Rather than tell him I am made OTT streaming app or social media app. Because if you tell them you have made Netflix clone or Instagram clone in many cases they ask system design related questions about the app.

3. Data Structure & Algorithm

Most of students avoid this. But DS and Algo is very important if you want to crack a medium level start up that will give you a high salary package. Work on your DS and Algo skills. Solve Array and String related questions in Leetcode.

If you properly follow the above industry inside tips you will get a high paying MERN stack job in 2022.

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