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First Streaming Ever - Git Security

shostarsson profile image Rémi Lavedrine ・1 min read

And I got absolutely no one live with me. 😔
But I absolutely loved the experience. 🤗

Through this "at home" period, I was thinking about live streaming Security Advocacy videos. I thought of Youtube and Twitch for that and finally moved to Twitch as it is very well integrated with the tool I am using (OBS).

I set up my channel in a few minutes and was live after a few minutes. Just to try. 🧑🏼‍💻

I was really shaky but I enjoyed the process. I think that explaining things to an audience makes you way more aware about the thing that you are explaining (see the Lewis Pyramid of Learning that explains it).
Lewis Pyramid of Learning

If you want to learn about Secret Leakage on Git, how to find them and how to remove them, let's have a look at my very first stream ever 🤗 :

And tell me what you are thinking about it. 👨🏼‍🏫


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