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Shoaiyb Sysa
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BoidCMS – A Simple, fast, and super extensible CMS

BoidCMS is a free and open-source flat file CMS for building simple websites and blogs in seconds, developed using PHP and JSON as a database.

BoidCMS was meant to be small, and with some abilities the current flat file CMS's can't provide.

BoidCMS is a fork of WonderCMS

BoidCMS has two content types by default.

Post: could be an article/blog post or whatever, it is listed in the homepage as post.

And Page which is a static page that is accessible through link but hidden inside the website, could be added inside article content or in a block such as navigation bar or footer to make it visible.


  • PHP 8 or greater
  • Web server (Apache with mod_rewrite)


  • One step install
  • Free and open source
  • Simple and easy to navigate Admin dashboard
  • Themes and Plugins support
  • Super extensible
  • CSRF Authentication
  • Custom admin URI
  • File Manager
  • SEO Friendly
  • Content type
  • GDPR Compliant


Demo 1
Demo 2


Login page

Admin login


Admin dashboard

Settings page

Admin settings

Create page

Admin create page

Update page

Admin update page

Delete page

Admin delete page

Media manager

Admin media manager

Plugins page

Admin plugins page


Ask questions, get support, and discuss BoidCMS.

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