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VIRTUAL STUDENT COMPETITION | 13+ | September 14, 2020 - January 17, 2021
Global Launch of Master the Mainframe at IBM Z Day!
Join the Master the Mainframe virtual coding competition to learn new skills, connect with employers, earn digital badges, and win cash prizes! No technical experience required.
New amazing platform
New Levels and Challenge Format
New challenges featuring Open Source on the mainframe
An extra 17 days to compete
24 Hours of Master the Mainframe Events during IBM's Z Day (What's that? Read on!)
And the biggest news is our HUGE opening day launch at IBM Z Day with 24 hours of Master the Mainframe meetups, featuring live coding events with students and mentors! This FREE conference has 5 learning tracks, over 60 sessions and internationally renowned speakers. We're even Doubling the Donation to the UN World Food Program's #sharethemeal in honor of every Level 1 finisher.


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