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this twitter personality does not exist 🤥

have you ever heard about "this person does not exist"? it is a really cool website only design to achieve one complex task - generating photorealistic photos of humans that just do not exist.


you can check it out at , and I can assure you, you will be surprised with how realistic this factional person will look.

after "this person does not exist" showed up on the internet back in 2019 some new sites started to pop out all over the internet that used the same concept of "this person does not exist" - generating stunning fictional objects, such as humans, cats, art, websites and much more... there is actully a website called "this x does not exist" that contains a list of most of them.

this cat does not exist

this concept aspired me to use the Twitter API alongside a few more APIs and a couple of hours from my time to transform my personal Twitter account into "this twitter personality does not exist", it is simple, every one minute my twitter's name, profile image, banner, and bio information change to present a different character, I went from being myself to being "Mitsuko Bongo", "Marcellus Prima" or "Carlo Behunin" and the race is still going, if you are interested in checking out the project you can find me on Twitter at @ShmuelHizmi.

here are a few examples -

my twitter

my twitter

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