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Discussion on: A web-based desktop environment

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shmuelhizmi Author • Edited on

great question, most people won't I'm myself would probably even prefer using the terminal in some cases. BUT having a full desktop environment also has a few pluses like an easy to use look or a one-season advantage (ssh instances can get lost very easy at least for me while a desktop environment always stays in place).

you can be sure I'm not trying to say consoles are bad and we should always ditch them for a desktop environment, it's just that people have moved passed an only terminal interface for there PCs in the '90s and as a result - PCs have become more mainstream, I'm just saying it's maybe time to also give the server a more desktop environment like interface (and maybe they can become more mainstream).
and if we can't do so using a sort of display server then maybe the web can work :)

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Matthieu Cneude

That's an interesting approach. As a developer, I deal mostly with plain text, and I think it's difficult to beat the shell for that. It's easier to automate, too, and I want my servers to be as automated as possible.

I love GUIs for everything visual, like video editing, photography processing, and so on. I wouldn't use that for my servers, but, of course, everybody is different. If your prefer GUIs in your workflow, why not.