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Work Hard yes. Party Hard yes - A Polygon Fellow's journey

10,000 applications for selecting 50. Obviously I thought I wasn't getting in.
Then came the mail.

You're accepted to the builder's track of the Fellowship '22.

I was super stoked to be a part, the dream had become a reality. Finally got the chance to be a part of the country brightest, best and most fun blockchain devs.

The 1st month of the fellowship was remote, giving me time to iterate on my idea and to learn various technologies that'd help me solve the challenge.
With my mentor's Aravindh Kumar, CMO Arcana help, I was able to figure out some technical and business challenges of the product and laid out the implementation strategy for the coming weeks.

For the 2nd month, all the fellows were invited to The Polygon Hacker House in Bengaluru. Meeting these brilliant folks, interacting with them and collaborating with them unlocked a different set of my abilities I didn't know existed.

Throughout the week, we had speaker events from the top business and technical minds from the field of blockchain technology, and also had impromptu networking sessions.(sometimes till 1AM. Well web3 doesn't sleep)

Like all amazing the things, the time at the hacker house had come to an end. In the end, we even had Top VC's visit us and give personal feedback on our project ideas and provided assistance on how to turn these projects into viable businesses.

The learnings during the weeklong trip at the hacker house enabled me to build on the project.

The result of the fellowship?
( -> A multichain smart contract analysis platform that enables devs to decode smart contract functions with AI-assistance.

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