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WhatsApp Quick_reply and List Buttons (baileys library). Buttons Patch and Message Filterization

Today, I am going to explain WhatsApp's new buttons introduced in April 2024, which can be sent via Baileys.

  1. About WhatsApp:
    WhatsApp is a cloud messaging application that allows users to chat, call, and connect online virtually. With its global reach, WhatsApp serves as a reliable means to connect with people worldwide.

  2. About WhatsApp Business API:
    Meta Inc., the parent company of WhatsApp, introduced a business API enabling companies and small businesses to conduct mass broadcasts, along with specialized buttons (such as text copy buttons, sendable quick reply buttons, call buttons, set reminder buttons, hydrated linked buttons, and list buttons), providing them with a simple and efficient way to interact with their customers. It's important to note that this API is a paid service.

  3. About Baileys:
    Baileys is a library that allows you to send messages on WhatsApp, including mass broadcasting along with buttons. Developed by Adhiraj Singh during his time at CS-2362 at Ashoka University, Baileys was initially created for educational purposes. Due to high demand, Adhiraj began maintaining this library for public use. However, WhatsApp later requested him to cease development and remove Baileys, as it violated their policies. Despite Adhiraj deleting the library, its open-source nature led to other developers, including Team Whiskeysockets, continuing its maintenance and updates.

  4. About Old Buttons (WhatsApp Buttons):
    Initially, WhatsApp attempted to patch the buttons sent via Baileys, but their efforts were unsuccessful as Baileys utilized a similar system to WhatsApp's API. Subsequently, WhatsApp tried to remove Baileys from GitHub and NPM, but their attempts failed due to its open-source nature. Eventually, WhatsApp managed to patch the buttons by making minor changes to their Business API and filtering Baileys buttons. However, developers managed to decrypt WhatsApp Web's system and restore the buttons. Afterward, WhatsApp removed the buttons from their Business API and introduced a new button system, effectively patching Baileys buttons. After 1-2 years, a developer decrypted and found a way to restore the buttons, allowing users to once again send buttons via Baileys as of February 2023.

  5. About New Buttons Patching:
    As mentioned earlier, WhatsApp introduced a new button system after being unable to patch the old Baileys buttons. It is anticipated that this new system will also face challenges, and WhatsApp may introduce further updates in the future.

  6. About Baileys Message Filterization (Extra Information):
    It is currently impossible to filter messages sent via Baileys unless WhatsApp undergoes a complete overhaul of its messaging system, as Baileys uses the same messaging system as WhatsApp Business API and WhatsApp Web.

Thank you for reading this article.

Note: All information provided is based on my knowledge, and some details may be subject to inaccuracies.

Written by Shizo The Techie (Yugesh Singh),
Developer of S.AI (formerly known as Sang-MD)

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