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Basic SEO Terms and their Meanings

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Today we will know about some Basic SEO Terms and their meanings. SEO is search engine optimization. When you search for something in Google, it shows you its results.

It only shows you the same results with which your search term matches. Whatever bloggers and website owners are, they optimize their content in such a way that they come in search results. We call this SEO.

If you are interested in digital marketing, then it is very important for you to be aware of it. There are many terms of SEO, if you do not know about them then you cannot understand it.

Unless you know the English alphabet from A to Z, you cannot make any word or sentence. Similarly, it is significant to know about the basic terms of SEO.

As a beginner, I have told you some terms of SEO and their meaning below. Do these before you go to Advanced. In this way, you will slowly remember all the terms, when you will practically use them.

Basic SEO Terms and Their Meanings


This is done in images. With the help of this, the search engine gets to know what this image is about.

Anchor Text

Used to link to another page. You can do it in the image as well.


This is a link that is done from another site to your site.

Black Hat SEO

This technique is used to rank your site in search engines quickly. But it is not safe, and it puts you at risk of getting a penalty.


Search Engine sends their bots to other sites. Through which he could read the contents of your site. This is an automatic process.


This is a phrase or sentence, which people search in the search engine. There are two types of keywords; Short Tail and Long Tail. The keyword which lasts up to 1-3 words is called Short Tail and the keywords with more than that are called Long Tail.


The search engine does this to make the search results appear properly.

Meta Title

This is the title of your article or website that describes your content.

Meta Description

It is used in the search result to describe the content.


This is an attribute that is used in anchor text. With this, the search engine understands the app is not following that link. It is used in external links.

On-Page SEO

The technique you use in your site to make your website or blog post SEO friendly is called On-Page SEO. In this you have to optimize texts, images, tags, URL structure, internal links, headers.

Off-Page SEO

The technique used to improve the ranking position of your website in Search Engines is called Off-Page SEO.

Robot.txt file

This file is an art to communicate with the search engine robots and tells them which site to the index which page to index and which page not.

PageRank (PR)

Google gives a rank to every website and page from 0 to 10 by looking at the quality of their site and SEO score. Who's more his page ranks better in Google. But more PR updates are not coming from last year.

SEO: Search Engine Optimization

This is a process to improve the search engine score of your website. Good SEO decides which page of your page will appear in the search results.


Sitemap contains details of all the contents of your blog or website. By submitting it to the search engine, he can read all your pages well.

White Hat SEO

This is called good quality SEO technique. Because of this, it takes time to rank your page, but you are completely safe from penalties.

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