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Git VS GitHub

Git vs GitHub is one of the things that beginners find tough to understand. So in order to understand their differences let's first look at them individually.

  • What is Git?

    Git is a version control system for tracking changes in computer files. It is used to coordinate work among several people on a project and track progress over time. It is used for Source Code Management in software development.

    A version control system is a system that records all the changes made to a file or set of files, so a specific version may be called later if needed. This helps in collaboration with all team members.

Advantages of using git:

  • Git favors both programmer and non-technical users by keeping track of their project files.
  • It allows multiple users to work together.
  • Large projects can be handled effectively.

  • What is GitHub?

    GitHub is a Git repository hosting service, which provides a web-based graphical interface.

    GitHub helps every team member to work together on the project from anywhere and makes it easy for them to collaborate.


Image description

Git GitHub
Installed locally on the system. Hosted on the cloud.
Git can be used offline and does not need an internet connection for use. GitHub cannot be used offline and needs an internet connection.
Git can be used without GitHub. GitHub cannot be used without Git.
Used for version control system and works as source code management in software development. Used for centralized source code hosting.
Git has no GUI. GitHub has GUI.
Code changes like commit, merge, etc. are done using commands from the command line. Everything is done through a web-based interface.
Open source licensed. Includes free and pay-for-use tiers.

Discussion (8)

andromelus profile image

Comparing Git to Github is like comparing an engine and a car.

The car uses the engine with nice and easy inputs. but you can use the engine without the car arround it.

It is the same for Git and Github.

Comparing them makes no sense.

lukeshiru profile image
Luke Shiru

Is more like comparing a car to a car dealership, but yup.

shivam164 profile image
Shivam Author

Nice analogy

deepakydv9315 profile image
Deepak Yadav

great explanation bro πŸ˜‡πŸ€

andrewbaisden profile image
Andrew Baisden

Brilliantly explained topic well done.

yongchanghe profile image
Yongchang He

Thank you for sharing!

shivam164 profile image
Shivam Author

Open to suggestions

dhanashreerugi profile image

Well explained Shivam! but still u could have explained with a practical example like car and engine so that it could have taken still less time to get the thing in mind.
By the way, thanks a lot for the stuff.