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Shiraaz Moollatjie
Shiraaz Moollatjie

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Decent ways of dealing with bad posture during lockdown that's other than getting a good chair?

Been to the doctor complaining about chest pains. Thought it was coronavirus or worse, but turns out to be inflammation caused by bad posture (Yay and nay!!!).

So the easy mode way to deal with this is to get a decent office chair for home. But to keep the discussion interesting, what are some other good posture tips that are beyond getting a good chair?

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I literally had this issue about 2 months ago. You need to ensure you get out of your chair once an hour and do some stretches. I'd also start doing 1 min planks 1-2 times a day to strengthen your core.

Everyone requires different strategies. It's important to test a bunch of different things and see what works for you. The once per hour stretching stopped my chest pain. The planks allowed me to sleep easier and get through the day without any pain. Goodluck!

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Honza Sedloň

Plank is an awesome exercise! It always helped me to get rid of my backache. I usually do 3min plank every day. If I stop for a couple of days / weeks it starts to hurt again

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I'm doing a 30 day Yoga program on YouTube. Started 2 months ago and finished the first 3 days so far :D

I learn from that, it is pretty hard to change your posture; it seems to be the same as with any habit. So what you need is a way of breaking the habit. There is no simple trick to this, other than discipline every day. A good chair will still help you ofc.

I managed to break habits before by having a paper print our with a calendar that showed how many push ups I have to do every day, and I crossed the day after finishing them. I glued the paper on the kitchen door.

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Sarah Price

I have rods screwed into my spine so I pretty much HAVE to have good posture! But I still feel myself getting into bad habits. I sit far front of my chair because I have short legs but putting a pillow behind me helps as well as making sure I have my feet on a little elevated ramp to correct my posture. Look into ergonomics!

Another thing I do is yoga and stretching and then I have several Japanese wide obis that I wrap around me. You can do the same thing with a towel. But it's pretty hard to slouch actually when you're wearing them!