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I mentioned on twitter yesterday that I've really been enjoying my time posting on here on In that vein, I figured I would write up quick a year-end post - with a small look back but, mostly looking forward on what I'd like to do with the new year. Not resolutions, just a small dump of things that might be nice to accomplish.

Looking Forward To Next Year

  • Cross posting to my own site

    • I don't currently have a "development" website just my old "video game" focused domain. I kind of want to keep that as is so, I may get something else up and running one of these days. I think that will be a series of posts...
  • Continue to post once a week

    • To that end, I think I'm going to start carrying a small notebook in my laptop bag so I can jot down ideas. Or, I suppose, I could just use the computer in my pocket that is my phone.
  • Solidify posting workflow

    • This is probably going to be a post all on its own. I've kind of started, I have a basic template I use for my posts and try to keep everything organized - as much as possible anyway.
  • Earn a cup of coffee

    • I don't know why but I added a link to ko-fi at the end of my posts. I think it would be really neat to write a piece of content that someone thought highly enough of, to buy me a cup of coffee. The ko-fi process isn't really smooth enough though since it's really just a click through to PayPal. You have to pay for the option to use Stripe which is $6 a month. Hmm, there a project and post series idea!
  • Have a top 7 post!

A Quick Look This Year

  • 15 posts

    • I only really started posting consistently in November. Before that, the previous posts were in January.

    • Wow, that's way more than I expected to ever see. I'm still relatively new to posting about Go but, it seems there are a good number of people interested in picking up as well.
  • Most listened to SoundCloud

    • I've listened to a fair amount of "Music for Programming". But, it seems that when I'm working on a post I'll usually end up listening to Matt Colville's "Timerider" songs. Chill Eurorack synthesis might not be everyone's cup of tea but, it's very easy to listen to.

What about you? Have you put any plans in place already?

See you in the new year 🎉

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