Dev.dev! Get your .dev domain now!

shindakun profile image Steve Layton ・1 min read

Well, it looks like it's time! For an easy $11,000 USD you to can get a .dev domain! I bought to.dev (I didn't really) so I can start a mirror world dev.to.

Mirror. Mirror

Anyone else planning on getting one when the price becomes a bit more reasonable?


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I used to be a hard-core "domainer" (would buy/sell/hold names speculatively), and it's really fascinating to look at this roll-out strategy. Charging for early access in a tiered manner is a great way to drive extra revenue during the "landrush" period.

Certain TLDs have had "Premium" names for a while, but I don't recall seeing this early access tactic before (that said, I'm a little bit out of the loop these days).

I have my eyes on a few once the fees become a bit more reasonable... I'll be excited to see what happens with .DEV domains long term!


This roll out strategy is not something new in the world of business. Basically auctioning something trying to get value first from a few partners is done everyday in any serious procurement business.

I know it sounds not cool, AI is a better term in this days :), but Google has a very strong Procurement organization deployed by Eric Smidth in his early days (explained in countless podcasts).


Procurement is one of these business terms that I've never really understood. Procuring something is just obtaining something, right? Isn't that the whole idea with any business? You obtain something in exchange for money? Or is the idea of procurement that you obtain something in limited supply, like a specific domain name, or physical goods?


Just in case you didn't see my comment, 1and1/Ionos has inexpensive pre-registration going on now. Though honestly can't tell if that means I have to still buy it or if I've just bought a spot in line?! Suppose we'll wait and see.


Fascinating. Is the domain immediately immediately usable and confirmed-purchased, or would someone be able to swoop in during Early Registration to pre-empt you?

I guess I don't understand how "Early Access" would work if you can do pre-registration. Is Ionos somehow able to circumvent that process, or is this sort of a "reservation" for the no-fee public release?

Hah. Have no idea. It's not usable, I can set up DNS but that's about it right now it seems. I suppose if someone tries to swoop in (not that I'm expecting someone to put up money to do something like that) I can file a cease and desist with the registrar though gotta protect my "brand" or something.

I wonder if that's a semi dark-pattern from Ionos. Making it seem like you've purchased and secured the name, when in fact you've simply executed a pre-order for the full public release (which would be valuable as a standalone feature).

(Even though you might be somewhat in jest), regarding "brand," I did some research into the "sunrise" rules and there are pretty narrow requirements to get trademark protection on your domain. Though there might be similar process to UDRP complaints in general for instances of misuse.

Hot take: all domains name resales are a dark pattern.


I just bought a .dev domain at Ionos for 12€ per year. 👍🏻

Awesome! I put in for a handful for a couple different projects, we'll see which ones I actually end up with.


I started an awesome repo to keep track of interesting .DEV domains. Contributions are welcome! 💚

DeveloperMode / awesome-dot-dev

A list of awesome developer resources on the .dev TLD

awesome .dev sites Awesome

A curated list of developer resources on the .dev TLD, inspired by awesome.re.


Developer Tools & Resources

  • crm.dev - homepage for the Salesforce developer program
  • glitch.dev - the Glitch guide to developer relations
  • nodejs.dev - Node.js guide content
  • opensource.dev - Google’s guide to open source
  • stripe.dev - Stripe demos, guides, and developer tools
  • slack.dev - Slack tools, libraries, and SDKs
  • web.dev - educational resources about web development from Google
  • ycombinator.dev - Y Combinator Resources for Developers
  • kapitan.dev - Generic templated configuration management for Kubernetes, Terraform and other things
  • asylo.dev - an open and flexible framework for enclave applications
  • lodash.dev - a modern JavaScript utility library delivering modularity, performance & extras
  • v8.dev - Google’s open source high-performance JavaScript and WebAssembly engine, written in C++.
  • tfhub.dev - TensorFlow hub
  • pptr.dev - a Node library which provides a high-level API to control Chrome or Chromium over the DevTools…

It'll be tempting to get one if the price is reasonable, but I don't want to get one and then never use it for anything.


Starting from Feb 28 8:00am PST .dev domains will be available without an additional fee, just $12/year 👍


I hear that I shed domains every couple of years it seems. Pick them up, don't do anything with them or use them for one specific thing and then let them lapse.


It's just complete madness considering the renewal price is $12. It's the first time I've seen this strategy for domain names since I've been buying some over the last few years.

It's geared more towards funded businesses and not individuals at all. I'll wait til lit's reasonable thanks haha


I wonder if they'd roll out .js TLD


IMO, it's way too expensive and not fair to gauge prices like that. also, i feel it's prejudiced against developers. not every developer has that kind of money laying around.


What should they do instead? If the domains launched at $12, you'd still be paying thousands for a good domain name, but you would be paying a reseller instead.

I'll be waiting to register a .dev at the general release on the 28th.


Yeah, it is definitely weighted toward businesses that have had at least some funding. A salaried chap like myself (and I'd guess many others) have no chance of getting in on the early round of sales. Heck, even the later sales close to the actual "release" are too pricey for me.


good point about businesses, didn't really think of that.


I hope the price will decrease...


I would love to see some numbers for how much money was spent early on. 11K is peanuts to most companies.