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What are you currently working on? What's the most interesting part?

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Usama Jamil

Working on NODE JS and MONGO DB. Interesting part is, I don't know anything about these ahhahahhhahhaha

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I'm working on projects with DDD,TDD,BDD implementations and it's fun.

Strongly recommend learning DDD

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Jarvis Yang

Been messing around with Rust and containerd images. Wasm is pretty cool and lightweight.

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Alain D'Ettorre

A simple web server in Go. Go is the most interesting part obviously :)

jhvanderschee profile image
Joost van der Schee

I am working on a project enabling people to build full websites in just two files without leaving their browser (on Github). I even created a website for it:

dawosch profile image

I‘m working on a home automation system written in Typescript.
I’m using HomeAssistant right now, but it’s to heavy for my needs

zackuknow profile image

I am working on a website for software recommendation & marketplace it's called

Its only a week old i'm getting around 50 unique users per day. I'm also learning a lot about marketing so thats good.

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Raí B. Toffoletto

Personally I'm working in an electron app to visualize / edit sqlite databases. It's interesting to learn more in-depth the innerworks of SQLite and how to better structure a event driven communication between main and renderer procesees. Been using React , MUI and the Monaco editor.

Hopefully will have an alpha soon. 😁

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Jacob Enders

Rebuilding my original PHP / Vanilla javascript application ( in SVELTE.

The most interesting part about it, is how much bad code I wrote 4 years ago as a newbie. And how simple & small the project actually is when using a modern framework.

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Christopher Kade

We just pushed to production a huge rework of one of the most visited pages of our website, exciting times ! So right now I'm in damage control mode & implementing new features :)

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K (he/him)

I'm trying to build a decentalized encrypted image uploader.

The interesting part is making it available for people who don't have a crypto wallet.

Right now I'm trying to integrate the authentication service with the encryption service, but they have a bit different opinions on how things should be done :D

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Jean-Michel Fayard 🇫🇷🇩🇪🇬🇧🇪🇸🇨🇴

I'm trying to get out of the writer block

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Corners to wall

I am working on myself.
My daily routine:

  1. Wake up
  2. Breakfast
  3. Nothing to do

Third point most difficult, but I try change them. I wanna do app with tinder api. Back, ui all inclusive

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Nilan Saha

I am working on a website for landing page inspiration called
Its been going pretty well and I had 10,000 unique users last month. I am learning a lot around marketing so thats pretty cool.

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Nice webstie, keep it going 👍

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Clay Ferguson

I'm working on Quanta, and the interesting part is the Quantization. :)

Learn What Quantization Is...

Timeless DEV post...

Git Concepts I Wish I Knew Years Ago

The most used technology by developers is not Javascript.

It's not Python or HTML.

It hardly even gets mentioned in interviews or listed as a pre-requisite for jobs.

I'm talking about Git and version control of course.

One does not simply learn git