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Discussion on: Pants Optional: Working Remotely

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Andrew Powell Author

Thanks for commenting Jack. To answer your questions:

I don't think that you have a "hole" in your experience. If you've been successful in on-site roles, then you're ready to be successful in remote roles. And that's regardless of whether or not you've been part of a large team. I've worked remote roles where I've been "on an island" and roles where I've been a part of large teams. If you're ready, you're ready. Good remote developers are adaptable.

I did personally start with an on-site roles; two of them to be exact. Once I moved to remote work I reflected on my time with both of the roles I had which were on-site and it blew my mind how much time was wasted on both. Commuting, lunch times, and meaningless meetings eat into one's day. Since my first remote role I've been far more productive.

It sounds like you've got about as much experience as I had before my first remote role, and I would encourage you to pursue one.