Help me get started with my MacBook pro

sheldonhull profile image Sheldon ・1 min read

10 year user of just Windows.
I bootstrap my machine with chocolatey, user powershell extensively, and hate doing things manually.

What I do: docker, AWS, SQL server, powershell, azure devops, devops stuff. I'm experienced in bootstrapping stuff for windows and all but gonna have to get in the groove for Mac. Prefer when possible to approach tooling and all for cross platform capability (learning go ) but not fully required.

I've seen great GitHub ansible projects for MacBook, but want to start a thread to get your insight and tips.

  • any issues with docker I need to resolve
  • I know I need brew. Anything else equivalent in addition?
  • I want to set my default prompt to fish with starship or Oh My Zsh if a good reason. Starship works in powershell and bash so would keep things similar as I jump between them.
  • any equivalent to "Everything" that provides instant search across all files from command pallet? I don't want to spend much.
  • don't plan on dual booting. Do I really need parallels? Again trying to avoid extra licenses for apps I won't use routinely. Virtual box is fine?
  • I don't want to use ssh for git. Do I use osx keychain or whatever they call it?
  • best shortcut remapper so it's a bit closer to windows behavior?
  • tool to bind shortcut to open specific app globally?


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Does iCLoud Keychain function in the same way as Windows Credential manager?
I use 1Password mostly, but I'm assuming from past reading that Keychain can be setup as helper for caching git credentials and other things, correct?


Initial bootstrapping underway with ansible. Nice to benefit from others contributions.