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Cool ways to track daily accomplishments and wins

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Does anyone have a cool service or app to track daily wins and accomplishments for helping build a nice timeline of wins for reviewing annual performance and achievements that bring value to a company and team.

Key requirements:

  • Beautiful UI
  • Basic structure of something like ⚑3 things that went well/accomplished πŸ”¨ 1 something to improve
  • Encourages micro oriented log, not long
  • Ideally not self-managed
  • Emoji fun is a plug βž•πŸŽ‰ inspired me to think more about this

I've been hearing more and more about how important it is to track these for visibility in your career. I've historically approached things from the mentality of "my work will speak for itself." However, I'm learning more and more that with all the pressures work demands it is challenging for that to stay clear and I'd benefit from better "bragging" (in healthy/balanced way) about what I've done than assume others will see the effort.

I really like the simple concept of but want something more private. Something almost like an emojilog for personal achievements πŸ˜€

Right now I'd guess Notion would fit the bill, but if something similar to GetMaker existed for personal tracking (not public) then I'd be up for trying something new. Maybe just empty git log commits 😁 and emoji log might be what I need.

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Samuele Zanca • Edited

You're a DEV aren't you? Make it. Could be tomorrow's first ⚑

Otherwise I'd use a spreadsheet or start journaling. There's a lot on goal writing or using journaling with accoplisments, what your grateful for and what you want/need to do.

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Sheldon Author

Update: went with just using git log for now. Wanted to avoid doing files for this, and instead testing just using simple git commit log messages. I can also use a commit template in there to save time.

We'll see how it goes, but I think that is about as simple as it gets other than maybe doing a simple asciidoc/markdown file that also gets committed

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Cristina Ruth

I use a personal journal to track this. Somehow feels a lot more satisfying seeing it in written form vs digital.

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Sheldon Author

Definitely want some electronic for me. I don't use analog very much, except in my new sketching venture. :-)

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Marko Shiva Pavlovic

Maybe try Dailio android app it have ability to assign activities which also have emojis. There is a 5 range span of moods that can be altered. Theme can be changed and a small log can be added if you don't mind typing on android keyboard. :)

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Kelly Stannard


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Sheldon Author

Looking for something more log oriented like makerslog. Trello is a different use case to me