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4 skill your business need to drive digital transformation

Digital Marketing services is a process that helps an organization move from a traditional model to a digital one. This transformation can be seen in different industries, such as healthcare, retail, and technology.

Businesses that want to drive digital transformation need to have five key skills:

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Leaders must be able to set the direction and provide the vision
for the transformation, while also connecting the business
strategy to the digital transformation.

Businesses need a clear strategy for digital transformation,
including how they will move from a traditional model to a
digital one, what assets they will need to create a digital
presence, and how they will finance the transformation.

Businesses need to be able to embrace new ideas and technologies,
and be willing to take risks. They also need to be able to bring
in new talent and create a culture of innovation.

Implementation is the process of putting the strategy into
action, and it requires a lot

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