3 Easy Steps Before Getting Started with Laravel Jetstream

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This is my first tries to develop applications using the Laravel framework. As for beginner, I just refer to the official Laravel Website. Just for general information :

  • Laravel is the PHP framework,
  • a web application framework,
  • developed 2011 by Taylor Otwell.

The 3 Easy Steps is

Let's Get It Started

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STEP 1: Install PHP for Windows 10

  • Download PHP from php.net. For Windows please download PHP 7.4.11 Current Stable.
  • After complete download, unzip the file into your computer. Example c:\php\ or c:\php-sdk\
  • Edit the System Environment Variables in your computer. Just add a new path for PHP environments. Type or browse c:\php
  • To refreshing environment variables from the registry in cmd.exe, type refreshenv.
  • Open cmd.exe and to test your PHP in your environments. Type php -?

STEP 2: Install Composer (A Dependency Manager for PHP)

  • Download the Composer installation file
  • Run Composer-Setup.exe.
  • After complete. Open cmd.exe and to test your Composer in your environments. Type composer -?

STEP 3: Install Laravel

  • Download the Laravel installer using Composer
  • Open cmd.exe and type composer global require laravel/installer and press enter.
  • After complete installed. You can use laravel new command and create a fresh Laravel installation in the directory you specify


  1. laravel new blog
  2. composer create-project --prefer-dist laravel/laravel blog

Complete & Congrat:

3 Easy Steps before getting started with Laravel Jetstream
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Getting Started With Laravel Jetstream


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