I've created a free website to help musicians learn how to play every possible scale. I'd love your feedback!

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Hi all!

I've spent a good chunk of this month compiling a list of scales and making them searchable on my website.

Once you find a scale the individual scale pages will have: guitar fingerings/intervals, piano fingerings/intervals, notes, intervals, chords (diatonic chords), and audible examples for the scale.

Check it out and let me know what you think:


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i18n issue:

Do–Re–Mi–Fa–Sol–La–Si is used instead of C-D-E... in countries like Italy, Portugal, Spain, France, Romania, most Latin American countries, Greece, Bulgaria, Turkey, Russia, and all the Arabic-speaking or Persian-speaking countries.

it's super hard when you are used to a system to switch your brain to the other. it's like different calendars where the work day begins on Saturday/Sunday/Monday, but much worse.

so an option to switch would be cool


Heyyy, awesome work!! I was wondering if its open source, cuz I would like to improve the first two images on your landing page, their edges look a bit too sharp in my opinion. Anyways, really awesome project you got here, keep it up!!!


I like the layout.

I noticed that tabbing through the page is difficult because there's no visual indication of what is currently selected (like a border).

Also, the early access pop-up's close button is off the page on my screen.
Panel close button

I plan to make a more serious commitment to learning piano this year, so I'll definitely be returning to your site. ❀️


It seems really nice so far !
Some design issue I stumble upon :

  • Audible Example : I think you should add a cursor: pointer; to the "Play" button, or, as it currently does play the chord/scale, to the whole button
  • Piano fingering : similary, we can click on the notes, but nothing really happens, and only the black notes have a cursor: pointer; :D
  • All chords/scales : the solfej.io/chords/all page is...ugly ? I know you know what I mean, same for solfej.io/scales/all :)

Great job anyway !

Edit : another thing, when I type "C" in the Scale search, I would like the first suggestions to be "C Major", and not "Cb Major" or other things : I don't know if you could build some learning algorithm about your own site or any other data you could exploit, but putting the "popular" responses first could be a good idea (like VS Code and Intellij does when Ctrl + Tab in their Editor)


Love the idea, but as somebody who want to know what scales are, I'm stumped as to what they are for, a novice section would be great. Also I can't ge the interactive section to work. Another thing, js can generate tonal music, wouldn't it be great to press / click the diagrams to hear the tones.

Overall I love this! I may be up for helping improve front end of what have you.


I found that all alt attributes on images are alt="[object Object]" which is presumably not intended.


As a musician I really appreciate this! Unfortunately I am unable to use it being that the search doesn't work. This could due to the fact that it's being loaded over HTTPS but requesting HTTP assets so it's being blocked by my network. I will definitely check this out more when I get home.


This is so cool! As a musician, I appreciate this website.


your guitar diagrams are off I think. It almost looks like your b string is shifted to the right by one fret.


Might be because I'm on an Android tablet.


yep just checked and it looks good on my desktop system. oh well..

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