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Creating Perfect Rounded Images in Next.js Using Tailwind CSS

Achieving perfect rounded images, especially when the aspect ratio isn't 1:1, can be a challenge in web development. However, Tailwind CSS in combination with Next.js offers a simple solution using the aspect-square class.


In your Next.js component file, utilize the Image component provided by Next.js along with Tailwind CSS classes to create a perfect rounded image:

import Image from 'next/image';

const RoundedImage = () => {
  return (
        alt="Dummy Image"
        className="rounded-full aspect-square object-cover"

export default RoundedImage;

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Tailwind CSS Classes:

  • rounded-full: Displays the image with rounded corners.
  • aspect-square: Ensures the image retains its aspect ratio, displaying as a perfect circle regardless of the original aspect ratio.
  • object-cover: Allows the image to cover its container without stretching, maintaining its aspect ratio.

By combining these classes, you can effortlessly create a perfect rounded image in your Next.js application. This approach guarantees consistent and clean UI designs without worrying about the image's original aspect ratio.

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