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re: Thank you for your response! Like I said, there are cases where I think it is appropriate, including: If your team is already using TypeScript, i...

Don't feel insulted here.
Imma lead with that.

Every now and then you gotta be like, huh and listen to what people are telling you and learn from it.

I don't wanna sound condescending, I was kinda like that when I was younger too pushing my own thoughts. Honestly, listening is an important skill. Learning is an important skill. Being able to take a step back is an important skill.

There are many things in this post that just plain wrong.

There have been some follow up articles about this post that explain what is wrong about it. Read them. They are not opinions btw. As I said plain wrong.

I really hope you take the time because honestly it's a long post. I know you put time in to get it out and not everyone can sit down and do that.

It means you care which is key to getting to the point where you can do amazing things.

Caring is something you can't teach. You can't inform a person, they just have to have it or not.

Listen, to what people are saying and look at it again, perhaps it will give you some time to think. Perhaps write another post afterwards.

At the end of the day I'd rather a person misinformed than one that doesn't care.

Look into it and then come back, wish you the best on your travels.

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